33 Dover Street



...but so 'hot' right now.

written by lapaz
26 May 2008 at 20:04

This place is always being written about as the venue where Madonna, Kate Moss' ex and various other fashionable types get their fill of macaroni cheese and the like. Personally I think this is a place which is style over substance (much like their clientele). The atmosphere and decor are good, lots of dark wood, upscale diner style, BUT I came here on a busy Saturday afternoon and the service was hopeless. I waited an hour and half for a hamburger. The management were apologetic, but thats about it. I have been a couple of other times for drinks at the bar, which is cool. By all means try it out, the food is fine and expensive, the people are your usual bankers, stunning girlfriends, style mavens, west London hipsters and anyone willing to throw around £15 on a hamburger.



written by jackfac
29 October 2007 at 19:47

Stylish American bar located in a centric nice street. The atmosphere is nice and the staff is polite and smile. The kitchen offers and serves American food and meet. I tried it twice and always the same opinion: too expensive for the offer!