Terminus Place



Absolute garantee

written by freddieL81
3 February 2009 at 17:58

The disco is placed near Victoria Station. I've been in Saturday night before Christmas, if you don't have pre-sale tickets or pr list, prepared to a long queue on the sidewalk. After the control to the entry with metal-detector and bodyguard, finally the music. Local very good, house music superlative, one big dancefloor with a lot of people, target about 20-30 years old. Cocktails cost less to the upstairs. A very good night to dance
Disco situata in Victoria Station. Sono stato il sabato pre-natalizio, se non hai biglietti di prevendita o una lista, preparati a lunghe code di attesa sul marciapiede. Dopo i controlli di buttafuori e metal-detector, finalmente la musica. Locale molto bello, musica house superlativa, una grossa pista con molta gente, target dai 20 ai 30 anni. I cocktails costano meno al bar del piano superiore. Una gran bella notte da ballare



written by jackfac
20 November 2007 at 10:53

Ibiza in London. Based just in the square in front of Victoria Station this disco (and his brand) was imported in London more than 8 years ago and still today it is the meeting for all the people that are Ibiza island lover. The atmosphere is similar, good dj arrive from Europe to play here on Friday and Sunday. Always big queue in front of the entrance. Expensive ticket to get inn. If you want to find a bit of Latin atmosphere in London this is the place. Fast dancer!