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Again, again and again

written by xfobico
23 September 2008

I actually do not know from where to begin telling you about Ku. I went the 1st time on Sunday, the early days of July. That night we left soon the Trash Palace, and we moved towards Ku. It was warm outside, but quite "hot" inside :D.
The Ku is a 3-floor club: basement, ground floor and 1st floor. It serves as bar on the ground and 1st floor and as disco in the basement.
Drink are fair enough, about £3 for pint, and the other drinks a bit more. I didn't like cocktails, as in many place in UK, lack of alcohol, I suppose.
The music it great, mostly commercial and easy to dance music. No techno, just a bit of house and R&B (but really just a bit).
The entrance to the disco is free before 11pm, and that's great, otherwise you gotta pay £3 (less than a pint, anyway).
Only one spot, because of it is quite crowded you may wait for a while before getting your drink ready...

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