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Strangers in the Night

written by Beefheart
29 August 2007

So here we are at the oh bar, i must say a pretty trashy place, we are in the middle of camden delirium, a 2 minute walk from the Tube station. This Pub which has been open for 30 years every week has different venus, sometimes poetry, sometimes music and sometimes acting. I went to a music gig last night and i must say it wasn't that bad. Every day of the week there is something going on we go from indie rock to drum n' base(go and have a look on there site becouse the program changes week by week). It's 3 pounds for a Pint and you can have a cocktail for a 5. The kitchen is Thai and not that bad. Ah and Oh,the waitress, I have to talk to you about the waitress, she is beautifull and spreads light behind the counter. Go and see for your self!!!

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