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Beers and Gigs at the Abbey

written by Beefheart
28 August 2007

This Is a Pub That is right close to my house, where I go offen, the Music is not bad and the staff is friendly. The furnishing is very nice whith big red sofas and wooden large tables. The Pub has a large veranda and an internal courtyard, so if it's not to cold it's allways good to have a beer outside. Must say that the food is not very good, if you are going to eat something have a Hamburger, I don't recommend the other stuff. The prices for drinks and food are good. You can find every kind of people in this place especially on Tuesdays and Sundays evenings when the live gigs come on. Some gigs in this place can be really good if your lucky. If you go whith some friends you can get busted and have some real good fun, it's easy to meet some new people and who knows...

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